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What is the process of hiring you for our Wedding?

- Send me a friendly email with some basic information about the Wedding and the two of you. If I am not already booked for that date, then we can arrange a time to meet in person and set up an Engagement Session - a great way to meet and become familiar with my work on a personal level. Sessions are affordable, and lots of fun! Please contact me and I'll explain the steps more clearly. 

We don’t like posing, and would rather have nothing to do with it. Is that okay?

- I’m more into natural poses too, and I wont ask for much. Most people appreciate some guidance, and I'm ready to help make a great photo. During engagement sessions I also walk off and take photos as you two mingle with some privacy. During Weddings I must facilitate direction during family formals, but that's about it unless theres requests for more. 

What can we expect to pay for a deposit and when is the final payment due?

- The deposit is required to secure the date. The deposit is $200 total, and will be subtracted from the final payment which is due prior to or on the wedding day.

We’re private people and are concerned about our photos being shared online. Will you agree to not post our wedding photos on the Internet or in other publications?

- I too am a private person so I understand this complex question, and the answer varies. But first please understand that it is these photos I take which help move my career forward. And each wedding is a step forward in my skills, so I love showing new work.

For this reason I also give preference over to couples who are open to having these images seen on my website, blogs, or related publications. With that said privacy can be met on many levels. I will never tag names, share personal emails, or show “unflattering” images (not that I take any!). Still, at the end of the day if you strongly need me to remove photographs, especially if for cultural or religious reasons, please contact me.

What is your photography style?

- Photojournalism - most people say I have a knack for capturing genuine moments and smiles. Editing is a major love for me, something which separates me from the bulk of photographers. But most of all my style is naturally produced. I don’t try too hard, its just what my eyes see and capture.

What specific shots can I expect from you?

- It’s my job to know what photographs you and your family wants. You can expect a rounded portfolio of your wedding day that includes nice photographs of all your guests, the location, decorative, the foods, fine details and of course my own artistic flare. Is there a particular image you’ve seen that you wish for me to recapture for you, with my own touch on it? Just let me know. Ultimately I am of service to bring you and your family photographs that will keep the love going strong!

Why are you a Wedding Photographer?

- Weddings are the boot camp in the photography world. It’s full-on and incorporates Photojournalism, Lifestyle, Portrait, Product, Landscape, Architecture, and Event and Travel photography all in one. I started shooting weddings only for the learning curve but stayed for the friendships I’ve created with clients, and the meaning I was surprised to find in my work. For my clients, I am in for the long haul.  

Do you mind if other people take photographs during the wedding?

- Not at all.

Will you shoot with a second photographer?

- Depending on our agreement, it's very possible. There's the option for having a second shooter for the ceremony portion only, or for the whole wedding day. There are several things to consider when having a second shooter, and if you're interested we can talk it over. 

What are your fees for a second shooter?

For one hour during the Ceremony: $300

Each additional hour: $150

Do you expect to be fed?

- Helpful, but not expected. Please let me know beforehand if you need to purchase a ticket for a vendor meal. Since I would eat quickly and little I rather bring my own food if that’s the case. If its a open buffet on the other hand a plate would be very appreciated.

How will you be dressed?

- Professionally. Typically all in black with dress shoes.

Do you offer Wedding Albums or Fine Art Prints?

- Yes, please view my Pricing section or ask me for more info. 

What can we expect from your presence at our wedding?

- Very low key. I will be seen constantly but never invasive. I do my best to stay out of the way, yet you can bet I’ll do whatever I can to get all of the money shots. You can also hear from my previous clients on the Metta page.

Who edits the photos?

- I edit every single one myself.

How long will you keep the photos after you deliver them to us?

- Chances are for years, maybe decades. They will be password protected, and in safekeeping. With that said I am not responsible for any lost or stolen photos on your behalf once they are delivered. If you need me to ever replace them contact me, and maybe I will have them. But no guarantees, so please back them up on multiple hard drives and in a cloud. It's the modern digital age.

Why don’t you blog like most photographers?

- Ha! Lord knows I've tried. It's not for me, but I can arrange to show you more photos online or even more if in person.  

What equipment do you use?

- Only the best for you! I use a full frame professional Canon with both prime and zoom lenses. I invest top dollar into my equipment. Nothing but the best for my clients. 

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